quinta-feira, 22 de abril de 2010

Pacific Paradise

Escada's limited edition fashion fragrance for 2006 is Pacific Paradise. Lush, sensual, and full of fun, it's a beach party for the senses. As exhilarating as dancing in the waves and as enticing as bikini days and balmy nights. A joyful place that warms the soul and liberates the senses, letting you bask in a felling of freedom and fun, passion and magic. A fruity-citrus-floral fragrance that beats with the heart and soul of a tropical paradise. Sparkling with a splash of Kaffir Lime and blended with Coconut Sorbet, a jolt of energy releases the exotic sensations of Dried Victorian Pineapple courting the flavourful bounty of Physalis Fruit. Instantly the blend of Banana Flower and a hint of Spun Sugar Candy exude the scent of a tropical cocktail as the Hawaiian Salt Blossom creates the feeling of a beach breeze. Sandalwood liberates the soul creating the ultimate escape where Amber opens your mind as the warm seductive air carries the passion of Powder Musk.

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